Gypsy Wedding Traditions

Roma or Gypsy wedding traditions are a lot different than the modern weddings that we are accustomed to. It all starts with the choosing of the bride. The parents of the boy are the ones who select the girl. According to Roma laws, it is the responsibility of the parents to find their son an appropriate girl. The potential bride will be judged if she is valuable for them based on strength, stamina, health, disposition, manners and domestic skills. They would also look at the girl’s family if they have a good reputation in the community. If a girl rejects a formal proposal, it is considered a disgrace.

The Gypsy wedding traditions are generally meticulous and some marriage formalities are lengthy. There are long discussions between the two parties, predominantly over the amount of “darro” or dowry. This money is to recompense the father for the loss of his daughter, and it is not for the purchase of the bride. After reaching an agreement, the father of the chosen bride drinks a symbolic glass of wine. This means that the boy has been formally accepted as a husband under the agreed conditions.

One of the Gypsy wedding traditions done prior to the wedding ceremony is the “pliashka,” which is a joyous celebration where the father of the groom-to-be puts a necklace of coins on the future bride’s neck as a sign of acceptance. Depending on the tribes, wedding ceremonies vary. There are those who don’t have a formal ceremony because for them the commitment to share their lives together is enough.

Usual Gypsy ceremonies comprise of the bride and groom joining hands in front of their family and friends, where they promise to be loyal to each other. Bread is part of other Gypsy wedding traditions, where the couple exchange breads with either their own blood or salt and eat them.

The informal joyous celebrations to honor the marriage can go on for a number of days. An enormous feast is served on these occasions. Typically, there is an open fire to roast whole pigs, sides of beef, chicken, or goose. There are gigantic platters of fried potatoes and boiled cabbage stuffed with rice and sliced meat with garlic and other herbs. Drinks are served generously too. The common wedding gifts consist of money. These money gifts will aid the new couple as they start their new lives together.

When the celebration ends, the groom takes his bride home. The girl’s family kisses her and they weep as they unbraid her hair a sign for her new marital status. Her new mother-in-law helps in knotting her “diklo” or headscarf, which is also a symbol that she is already a married woman. She is never seen in public again without this headscarf. The mother-in-law will also be her guide in her active role in the household.

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  1. My Great grandparents were true Romany Gypsys. My mother was taught as much of the old ways by her Grand Father as she was one of his few regular family that visited him in his wheel-less Caravan that served as his living area during the day. My Great Grandparents had to leave their tribes because they were in love and hence became Georgio Gypsies. Georgio meaning “Outsider or Outcast” in Romany. I know a Lot of Forgotten history

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    Same as everyone else.
    LOOKS r all that matters.
    Used to work in a motorcycle shop, let the oil out of the motorcycle, run it down the road, and then tell the customer it needed engine work.

  3. I would like to know if the Gypsy Bride’s to be… use fresh flowers or could they use quality silk flowers so they can save their bouquets ? Or is that against the wedding rules ? I myself make high quality silk wedding bouquets because I’m finding that the Brides today want to save their bouquets How could I find out ?

    Thank you,
    Katherine Sullivan

  4. I’m an english traveller girl im 15 and engaged getting marride next year i know alot about this wedding stuff if u guys want any real gonest answers feel free to ask me questions x

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