Gypsy Wedding Photos

Gypsy wedding photos are all over the Internet, maybe because of the popularity of Britain’s documentary series Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.

The Gypsy wedding photos from the documentary shows colorful and exaggerated wedding gowns, making you doubt if they are indeed for a real wedding or just costumes. You will be surprised to see a bride who glows in the dark after putting in LED lights underneath her dress. Most brides are not satisfied with the usual petticoats that they wear gigantic mechanical butterfly gowns. With concealed wires underneath, the bride should have an assistant that holds a fire extinguisher.

The reason behind the outrageous gowns seen in the Gypsy wedding photos from Big Fat Gypsy Weddings lies on how women are taught to give importance on their weddings. A Gypsy woman’s wedding day is the most special day of her entire life. The attires of her entourage seem to come from costume parties or adventure movies. Everyone is supportive even to her ridiculous requests because after this day, she will spend the rest of her life in a caravan to do her domestic responsibilities. Gone are the days of daydreaming.

On another note, Gypsy wedding photos of traditional Gypsy weddings showcase their women’s free-spirit sense of style, where their gowns are flowing and colorful. Always present in the ensemble are chiffons, laces, and scarves. Exotic jewelry and accessories finish off their look. Contributing to the fun and flamboyant style of Gypsies are the mix of interesting cultural fashions of the places they live in. When the bride combines the styles of the different cultural communities, what results is a unique and exciting look.

It is quite noticeable that women in Gypsy wedding photos use sheer head scarves instead of the conventional wedding veils. Scarves simply radiate mystery and sensuality, which can be very attractive. Gypsy wedding dresses are usually designed with elaborate beadwork patterns. Commonly used are crystals, rhinestones, and other bold ornaments. The beadwork typically makes the bride look and feel luxurious. Instead of wearing pearls or diamonds, they opt for gold bangles, assorted trinkets, jeweled necklaces, and distinctive brooches.

Soon-to-be brides who want to go for a Gypsy-themed wedding check out Gypsy wedding photos for inspiration. They will see that a lot of famous designers include this chic nomadic fashion in their collections as seen in runways. British fashion designer John Galliano has incorporated the Gypsy theme a number of times and the last time was for his 2009 fall collection. The stylish carefree fashion was also seen at the at the 2010 Autumn/Winter show at the New York’s Fashion Week.

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  1. i would like a big ballow gown about floor level so i would step on it, and has to be pink if you want to laver diffrent pinks but i want light’s under the dress so they can lower lights as i walk down the alse. and where going to have pink and blue til with light’s going all around the church
    and a 4×4 elephant at the fornt as they come in to bless my mom that’s no longer with use.

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